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Is Investing in Knowledge More important than Equipment?

Is Investing in Knowledge More important than Equipment? What’s going on MM! AG with another post for you guys. Today I want to know if you think its more important to have plenty gear or to know when and why to use it? I would have to go with the latter. Having tons of music […]

Building a Drum Kit with Akai MPC Renaissance/ MPC Studio

Building a Drum Kit with MPC Renaissance/ MPC Studio Hi there, this is Andy from MPC-Samples.com, A.K.A MPC-Tutor with my first post on MaschineMasters.com. I’m known for my work with MPCs, but just like many of us these days I’m rocking multiple beat making machines rather than relying exclusively on a single ‘workhorse’ – whether […]

Producer Tips: Picking the Perfect Drum Samples

Picking the right drums can make or break your track. I guess I’m lucky because I was taught this from the very beginning. When I started messing around with drum machines I had to rely on a equalizer to kind of boost up the sounds from the drum machine. The TR-808 was tricky because it […]

Beat Making Technique(s)

Greetings and salutations ladies & gentleman. Madden Miles here. I’d like to take an opportunity to start utilizing this blog and really get some dialog going. The thing I want to know.. And this is awesome because every one is different in their respective approach is… What do you start with first? The melody/sample? Or […]

Beatstars.com Site Review

Beatstars.com Site Review In the new age of the internet, as music producers it is important to have a presence. We are a business as soon as we upload a track and sell it. Paypal collects payment, and instantly money in your account. But like any business it requires time, setup, and management to stay […]


KICKS AND SNARES MONSTER KIT When looking for drum kits, we are looking for those snares and kicks with certain characteristics that will make our beats stand out. Its like we are creating this super arsenal of sounds to make guaranteed heat. BIG SOUNDS! With the Monster Kit you’ll get that and more. Our people from […]

AGgotBeats “The Interview” Part 1

     About a year ago, I went online in search of a Maschine tutorial. I came across something more. The AGgotbeats youtube channel. Later changed to AGgottbeats with two t’s. Everything I now know about Maschine was learned by watching his tutorials.  Many of us got to know AG by simply asking him a question. […]

Rsonist of Heatmakerz using the Maschine

     In this video Rsonist talks to Dubspot Instructor Shareef Islam about his creative process and how he produced the hit single “Dipset Anthem“. Like a ton of other producers who came from an MPC background he often struggled with the Maschine.  He explains not really having the patience to learn it so he […]

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