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Istandard DJ Pain 1 Collection Review

Istandard DJ Pain 1 Collection Review What’s up guys and gals! D-nast here, with my thoughts and feelings on a super-dope kit coming from the killer combo of Istandard (istandardproducers.com) and DJ Pain 1 (djpain1.info). The DJ Pain 1 Collection is a kit filled with a stash of DJ Pain 1’s personal drum samples and […]

Put Your Spin on it

Put Your Spin on it Yo yo what up MM family. AG here again with another quick post for you. We as producers are influenced by a lot of different things. A common one would be other producers. My question today, Is it cool to make beats just like your favorite producer or should you […]

Are you a Quantity or Quality Producer?

Are you a Quantity or Quality Producer? Whats going on MM! AG back again with another quick post to stir up some chatter. I’ve always been interested in this topic. I know several producers who bang out 30-50 tracks a week and some like myself who may do 1-10 a month. Which type of producer […]

!llmind’s BoomTrap the Drums Review

!llmind’s BoomTrap the Drums Review I’m jumping right into this review because if the constraints surrounding this kit. It’s the latest from Blap master !llmind limited to the first 200 producers that can snatch it up. I’ve been there right from the beginning of Hip Hop and I’ve seen all the different phases that Hip […]

Rob Papen’s BLUE Review

Rob Papen’s BLUE Review Whats good MM fam! I’m back with another well informed review for another dope VST. As producers we need all the weapons to add to our sound holster. Rob Papen’s “Blue” is a next level synth which he describes it as “Crossfusion synthesis”. With over 2000 presets available at our disposal, […]

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