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MSXII Synth Immaculate 2 Review

MSXII Synth Immaculate 2 Review What’s up my MM Fam, the Maschine Gang General E52 BEATS here with another review. MSXII AUDIO releases The Synth Immaculate 2 kit. A trip back into the world of Analog is what this kit is about with an added digital bonus too. If your a fan of any of […]

Stratospheric Expansion Review

Stratospheric Expansion Review             Usually when I write a review, I open with some metaphor that tends to have very little to do with music and then tie it back full circle to the product being reviewed. It would go something like, “For centuries human beings fascination with outer space has plagued us. To get […]


Ultimate X Sounds Vol. 1 Review We all know that Massive by NI is an unbelievably powerful VST. The sounds that come preset in it out the box are beyond phenomenal. But there are sound designers out there that simply want more from the powerful synth. Meet Ultimatexsounds.com (Ultimate X Sounds Facebook), leaders in sound […]

Synthplosion Product Review

Synthplosion Product Review Just as important as we all feel our drums are to our tracks, the rhythm is equally important, if not more important. Think about your favorite songs, do you hum the drum beat? No, most of the world hums the melody. Of course if it’s a hot riff, it’ll be memorable. But […]

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