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SWANNY RIVER-“The Interview”

  We know who he is. He is the one and only Swanny River! Let’s get into this conversation with one of our greatest supporters. Check it out: Rushaa: SWANNNNYYY!! What’s up man?! Swanny River: What’s Good Ma Dude. R: How is the New Year treating you? SR: Well it just started. So far, so […]

Maschine Masters Winning Weekend

This past weekend marked our second since the site has been up and it was another remarkable one!! The highlights were us going over the 500 member mark, breaking 1500 subscribers on youtube and welcoming our newest team member DJ Baby J who has his first vid posted in the exclusive videos section. Check it out when […]

On the Spot 6 Mixtape
On the Spot 6 Mixtape
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