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Stratospheric Expansion Review

Stratospheric Expansion Review             Usually when I write a review, I open with some metaphor that tends to have very little to do with music and then tie it back full circle to the product being reviewed. It would go something like, “For centuries human beings fascination with outer space has plagued us. To get […]

Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece Review

Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece Review What’s up and happy holidays to my MM family. It’s the Maschine Gang General E52BEATS! with the new Snare Jordan (Jake One) Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece review. The “12 Piece “ kit is a construction kit by former G-Unit beatsmith Jake One and trained musician from […]

Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review

Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review When its time to look for a new VST to add to my workflow, I tend to look for something fresh, inspiring and awesome! Will I be able to add to my workflow? Is this something unique to where I would constantly use to add to my tracks? Camel Audio […]

Urban Strings Kit Review

Urban Strings Kit Review If you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll introduce you to the fact that strings have now been playing a very prominent role in production today. Stabs, hits, spiccatos, pizzcatos, and ensembles are a new wave in this ever-changing industry of production. It adds a whole new element of wholesomeness, warmth, […]

Illmind’s 808’s and String Breaks Review

!llmind Blap Kit 808 and String Breaks Review For hip hop producers nothing and I mean NOTHING, is more important than how hard our drums hit. Whether it’s a simple kick from a DR-5, that perfectly sampled snare from our favorite break beat vinyl, or the knock of the classic 808, the drums are the […]

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