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Mobile Producer or Studio Rat?

Mobile Producer or Studio Rat? Whats up MM. AG back with another post. I wanted to take a look ahead in this one. Mobile devices are now doing to the producer what Serato did to the DJ. You now have the capability to produce an entire album on an Ipad. Would you ever do it? […]

Is Investing in Knowledge More important than Equipment?

Is Investing in Knowledge More important than Equipment? What’s going on MM! AG with another post for you guys. Today I want to know if you think its more important to have plenty gear or to know when and why to use it? I would have to go with the latter. Having tons of music […]

One Major Production Placement in 2014

One Major Production Placement in 2014 Happy New Year MM! As you guys know with the New Year comes resolutions.. but we would like to set a goal. One Major Production Placement in 2014! This past year, we exceeded a lot of our expectations no matter how much we like to think we knew this […]

Producer Tips: Picking the Perfect Drum Samples

Picking the right drums can make or break your track. I guess I’m lucky because I was taught this from the very beginning. When I started messing around with drum machines I had to rely on a equalizer to kind of boost up the sounds from the drum machine. The TR-808 was tricky because it […]

Native Instruments Maschine vs MPC, SP1200, TR-808, HR16

A Little History: I started my production career using a Roland TR-808 drum machine and moved up through the ranks from there. I thought the 808 was the greatest drum machine up until 1986 when I used the Emu Sp12 sampling drum machine. This blew the 808 out the water simply because it allowed you […]

The Producers Choice Urban Heat Review

Have you ever seen Halle Berry up close? I don’t mean in her scene with Billy Bob Thornton, I mean REALLY have seen her up close it person, shook hands with her, introduced yourself, took her out on a date. Yeah, neither have I. The reason I bring this up is because we can all […]

Lotus Style Kit Review

Lotus Style Kit Review Every so often a drum kit comes along that will keep you on your toes. I’m talking from the first sound you demo, all the way to the last. The main reasons I find myself doing this is usually from a combo of 2 things; I’ve never heard of the producer […]

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