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Native Instruments introduces MOLEKULAR

Native Instruments introduces MOLEKULAR  Berlin, March 25, 2014 – Native Instruments today released MOLEKULAR, a modular multi-effects system for the flagship synthesis studio REAKTOR 5 or the free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER. MOLEKULAR features 35 exclusive creative effects for advanced, creative sound manipulation. MOLEKULAR’s modular design allows for an unprecedented level of routing freedom and its […]

MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review

MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review What up MM community? Tru aka BeatzGalore here with a review for a new sound library. This one’s for the MSXII Sounds Mutha-Plucka. If you don’t know much about MSXII Sound they are an extremely talented duo of music producers turned sound designers. They haven’t been in the sound design market […]

Mode Audio: Klang Found Percussion Hits Review

Mode Audio Klang Found Percussion Hits Review For us producers, we all remember what it was that made us want to make beats. Whether it is from playing in school band (guilty), beat-boxing with the radio, even that corny ass toy keyboard with 8-bit presets, it had to start somewhere. Then there were the ones […]

FreeVee Friday [TAL Noisemaker]

FreeVee Friday [TAL Noisemaker] Welcome back MM “FreeVee” friday fans, Tru is back from musical hibernation and ready to share with you a new Vsti for all of you “sub whores” out there who just can’t get enough. The TAL-Noisemaker is brought to us by Togu Audio Line an awesome team of programmers and sound […]

Native instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Review

Native instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Review What’s good MM fam? It’s your roving reporter BeatzGalore here with a review for an amazing product, The Native Instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Pack. As we all know Native Instruments is at the top of their game when it comes to sound design, providing producers from every genre with […]

Rob Papen’s Blade Review

Rob Papen Blade Review             So continuing on our path of reviewing the VSTs included in Rob Papen’s (@RobPapen) Explorer 2 Bundle and we’ve come to the powerful Blade synth. Blade is one of Papen’s outstanding designs to create the tone of those classic synthesizers with LFO mods, and envelopes with a human feel to […]

Rob Papen’s Predator Review

Rob Papen’s Predator Review                  As of this very moment when I heard the word predator, the first thing that would run through my mind is an alien with a telltale shimmer that Arnold Schwarzenegger was hunting. Then, it was followed by the thought of that uncomfortable conversation Chris Hansen is consistently having on CNBC. […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1
On the Spot Mixtape 1
Tim Kelley Decades Maschine Masters