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MSXII Audio Presents – The Sammich Kit Review

MSXII Audio Presents – The Sammich Kit Review “KNOCK, PUNCH, BOOM, BAP, CLACK!!!!” What type of sounds come to mind when you hear these words?  Many of us have come to trust certain companies when it comes to delivering high quality sample/ sound kits.  MSXII Audio is one of those companies. They are known in […]

Maschine Saved My Life

Maschine MK2

I once made beats with a drum machine that had Rock drums. It’s true, and those beats sucked. Whether it was drum machines, samplers, or my favorite DAW, it was always hard to come up with something that I could REALLY bob my head to. I thought that using a computer to make beats and […]

Ghetto Gospel 1 Billy Blass
On the Spot 6 Mixtape