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Kingsway Music Library Vol.3 Review

Kingsway Music Library Vol.3 Review Nothing is worse, as a producer, than coming up with a genius idea for a sample that could potentially turn into a billboard hit, only for it not to get cleared by whoever owns the rights to the material. With this being such a common problem in the industry nowadays, […]

Is your Studio Clean or Messy?

Is your Studio Clean or Messy? Whats up MM! AG back with another quick observation post. This one on studio tidiness. I discovered a while back that the state of my studio determined the workflow and the mood of my music. How do you keep your studio and which do you prefer? When I think […]

Survival Drum Kit Review

Survival Drum Kit Review             I must admit, that this review has been a bit difficult for me to write. There are so many words in our English language, that to find the right combination to describe the greatness of this kit was a near impossible challenge. The Survival Drum Kit by XClusive-Audio and presented […]

The Drum Broker Site Sampler Review

The Drum Broker Site Sampler Producers! I bring to you the review of one of the best kits around. First off, let me begin by asking you these questions. Have you been looking for the right sounds or drum breaks? Visited www.hiphopdrumsamples.com and were overwhelmed with the amount of drum kits for you to purchase? […]

Maschine Masters Winning Weekend

This past weekend marked our second since the site has been up and it was another remarkable one!! The highlights were us going over the 500 member mark, breaking 1500 subscribers on youtube and welcoming our newest team member DJ Baby J who has his first vid posted in the exclusive videos section. Check it out when […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1