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CircaBeatz – Freestyle in the 6ix

Here’s a little freestyle beat video shot in Toronto by 9thilly and Circabeatz during the Fan Expo. check out 9thilly’s comic at www.9thilly.com Follow CircaBeatz on the following social media pages! Instagram: @CircaBeatz Sound Cloud: Soundcloud.com/Circabeatz Twitter: Circabeatz Facebook: Facebook.com/Circabeatz

Death of an ERA

Death of an ERA Will there ever be another Golden Era in Hip Hop? Now I know a lot of the more seasoned vets will automatically say NEVER! I’ve always said it would never be another golden era, but what era is golden to us is not to others. Some might call the Cash Money/No […]

Get Well Soon “45 King”

Get Well Soon “45 King” When we say whats up fam.. thats short for family. How we look at not just our MM community but the production community as a whole. Within a family you have some immediate and some extended members. Family is synonymous with life and as we know life is filled with […]

Ichiban Presents Live From Manhattan: Preview

Ichiban Presents Live From Manhattan: Preview Willie B aka Ichiban Don aka Willie Brown presents his instrumental project Live From Manhattan. As a follow up to his July release of Ichiban: Sounds In HD, Live From Manhattan is an instrumental tape from the TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) producer who was worked with the likes of […]

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