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Marvin The Martian Flash Drive Giveaway

Marvin The Martian Flash Drive Giveaway Giveaway Time!!! We would like to show our appreciation once again for all the support you guys continue to give us day in and day out. This month we will be giving away 5 Marvin the Martian USB Flash Drives loaded with our Top Selling Kit this month The […]

Havoc Infamous Kit Vol 2 Review

Havoc Infamous Kit Vol 2 Review What’s going on my MM family… It’s the Machine Gang General E52 back again. Just when I didn’t think things could get any better I received the second installment of Havoc’s Infamous Kit… Volume 2. First thing I noticed, Part 2 wasn’t broken down into folders so I took […]

Synthplosion Product Review

Synthplosion Product Review Just as important as we all feel our drums are to our tracks, the rhythm is equally important, if not more important. Think about your favorite songs, do you hum the drum beat? No, most of the world hums the melody. Of course if it’s a hot riff, it’ll be memorable. But […]

OVO RnB Volume 1
Tim Kelley Decades Maschine Masters