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Bullyfinger Presents – Modular Damage Review

What up MM world! Its 4AR here with a review that could be useful in your arsenal. Bullyfinger Presents: Modular Damage. Modular Damage is fully loaded with digitally modified kicks, snares, claps, loops and blips compiling synthesizer heaven. Containing a total of almost 400 sounds, Modular Damage was created within a maze of modular EuroRack […]

AlistFame Presents: Intentional Damage Kit Bundle Review

Whats good MM world. I’m here wit another review of some hard hitting drums that producers can really benefit from. AlistFame presents: Intentional Damage Kit Bundle; which consist of 2 volumes of street gritty drum samples bundled together to provide that bang! Zipped up with over 150 sounds from kicks, snares, loops and percussion, AlistFame […]

Sean Divine Presents: 336 Drum Kit Vol.2 Review

Sean Divine Presents: 336 Drum Kit Vol.2 Review What up MM! Hope all is well as I’m here with another tight review. Sean Divine Presents: 336 Volume 2, the next installment in the most sought out series for drum sounds. Fresh off volume 1 that was voted as one of the Top Ten Drum Kits […]

Erik Jackson Presents – The Essential 808 Review

Erik Jackson Presents – The Essential 808 Review The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer; the quintessential drum machine of the early 1980’s that put a stamp in hip hop production. With these sounds we all assume to know what to expect. But sound designer/producer Erik Jackson samples his own drum machine with an addition of masterly […]

Drum Broker Essential Kicks Review

Drum Broker Essential Kicks Review Every-so-often we as producers find ourselves at the inevitable crossroads of that fire sample chopped up and looping. It’s got 4 or 5 different switch ups for versatility, and you’ve added that bass line to fatten the sample up. Even have a snare snappin on the 2 and the 4, […]

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