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Beat Making – Fearless (using Illmind Blap Kits)

I used drums from Illmind Blap Kits 5-7 and also his bass plugin Rump Shaker. All other sounds are from Native Instruments Komplete. Hardware is NI Maschine and Komplete Kontrol and this track was composed in its entirety in the Maschine 2 Software. Check this track and others on soundcloud: Lease or purchase beats here! […]

Stratospheric Expansion Review

Stratospheric Expansion Review             Usually when I write a review, I open with some metaphor that tends to have very little to do with music and then tie it back full circle to the product being reviewed. It would go something like, “For centuries human beings fascination with outer space has plagued us. To get […]

Hating? or Just Being Honest

Hating? or Just Being Honest What’s up MM! Back with another one y’all. Wanted to ask if its hate or being honest when someone doesn’t like what we do? Let’s face it.. everyone is not gonna be the best beatsmith to ever touch a drum machine (maschine). If that was the case then everyone would […]