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Don’t Over-Program your Drum Patterns

Don’t Over-Program your Drum Patterns What’s up MM fam, E52BEATS here with a question… How important is drum programming to you? Do you take the time to program each kick, snare and hi hat or does a simple boom bap get the job done for you? I’ve made a pretty good living off of programming […]

J Zone’s Lunch Breaks Review

J Zone’s Lunch Breaks Review What’s up my MM, it’s the Maschine Gang General E52BEATS back with another review. This time around I’ll be giving you the goods on one of my favorite emcees (yes..emcee, not rapper) J-Zone. I always thought that producers that were real emcees made the best producers like Lord Finesse, Diamond […]

Minty Breaks 3 Review

Minty Breaks 3 Review What’s up my MM fam, it’s your homie The Maschine Gang General E52BEATS here with another review. Today I’m bringing you my thoughts on the new release from the Drum Broker…Minty Breaks 3. This couldn’t have come at a better time, it’s a snow storm here in NYC so it’s nothing […]

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