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Rob Papen’s BLUE Review

Rob Papen’s BLUE Review Whats good MM fam! I’m back with another well informed review for another dope VST. As producers we need all the weapons to add to our sound holster. Rob Papen’s “Blue” is a next level synth which he describes it as “Crossfusion synthesis”. With over 2000 presets available at our disposal, […]

Rob Papen’s Predator Review

Rob Papen’s Predator Review                  As of this very moment when I heard the word predator, the first thing that would run through my mind is an alien with a telltale shimmer that Arnold Schwarzenegger was hunting. Then, it was followed by the thought of that uncomfortable conversation Chris Hansen is consistently having on CNBC. […]

5000 Kick Drums for the LOW 2 WEEKS ONLY

Whats going on Maschine Masters, Our friends at SoundpackFlyer.com have a treat for you!! The Future Classic Kicks Kit will be available on SoundpackFlyer.com for the next 2 weeks and 2 WEEKS ONLY. This kit contains over 5,000 kick drums geared towards EDM, House, and Hip-Hop Music. Who can’t use 5,000 new kicks???? You are […]

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