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Weiss Drums: The Maio Collection Review

Weiss Drums: The Maio Collection Review Whats good MM world! I’m here with a review for the new “The Maio Collection” from super engineer Matthew Weiss. Maio Collection supplies us with over 160 acoustic drums that were recorded through vintage analog gear and tape machines. With the overwhelming amount of synthetic drums dominating over the […]

Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review

Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review When its time to look for a new VST to add to my workflow, I tend to look for something fresh, inspiring and awesome! Will I be able to add to my workflow? Is this something unique to where I would constantly use to add to my tracks? Camel Audio […]

Urban Legends Review By EchoSoundWorks.com

Urban Legends Review by Echo SoundWorks                The word legend is thrown around often. There are sports legends, the legends of the Loch-ness Monster and Bigfoot, and the Legend of Bagger Vance. Now joining that list I’m proud to give you Urban Legends. EchoSoundsWorks (makers of the Urban Sprawl Kit) have released Urban Legends, a […]

How To Get Out Of Beat Block And Get Re-Inspired

How To Get Out Of Beat Block And Get Re-Inspired Inspiration can come at any moment. For us beat makers and producers, each time we are trying to make that 1 hit! or that banging ass beat that everyone will love! But what happens if nothing coming to mind? What if your just not feeling […]

International Breaks 303 Kit Review

International Breaks 303 Kit Review If you are a fan of chopping up drums, and love to get your hands on stuff that falls outside of the norm.. you are going to absolutely LOVE this collection of rare breaks. Let me start off by saying I am a BIG fan of the first two kits […]

Stix – Jam Pack Review

Stix – Jam Pack Review When it comes to taking live drums and creating a drum kit, Stix is on the level with the greatest of them.  Just to share a little information about Stix, he is a renowned drummer and musician. He is sponsored by Sabian Cymbals and Ludwig Drums and is also Chance […]

Producer Tips: Picking the Perfect Drum Samples

Picking the right drums can make or break your track. I guess I’m lucky because I was taught this from the very beginning. When I started messing around with drum machines I had to rely on a equalizer to kind of boost up the sounds from the drum machine. The TR-808 was tricky because it […]

Mike Kalombo Klassic Samples Vol. 1 Review

Mike Kalombo Klassic Samples Review             It’s safe to say that we all use YouTube. When searching for beat making videos, or beat making techniques, we’ve all come across the name Mike Kalombo and heard his signature tag “Klassic.” With well over 200 videos on YouTube, and currently working with Jermaine Dupri for So So […]

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