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MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review

MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review What up MM community? Tru aka BeatzGalore here with a review for a new sound library. This one’s for the MSXII Sounds Mutha-Plucka. If you don’t know much about MSXII Sound they are an extremely talented duo of music producers turned sound designers. They haven’t been in the sound design market […]

How to Play Hip Hop Chords on Any Drum Machine

How to Play Hip Hop Chords on Any Drum Machine Wassup everybody! This is your boy JFilt and don’t worry if you’ve never heard of me because this is my first guest post ever! I have a passion for helping beat makers like myself and today I want to discuss playing hip hop chords. Truthfully, […]

FreeVee Friday Keolab [Spicy Guitar]

FreeVee Friday Keolab [Spicy Guitar] What’s good “FreeVee Friday Crew“? It’s ya boy Tru McDuck back with an armful of firewood for that heat I know you’ve been making. This week I’m going to be introducing you loyal scouts to a Vsti I consider “Too Gee To Be Free“, a “hot” little number that goes […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1