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Rob Papen’s Blade Review

Rob Papen Blade Review             So continuing on our path of reviewing the VSTs included in Rob Papen’s (@RobPapen) Explorer 2 Bundle and we’ve come to the powerful Blade synth. Blade is one of Papen’s outstanding designs to create the tone of those classic synthesizers with LFO mods, and envelopes with a human feel to […]

Rob Papen Explorer 2 Preview

Rob Papen Explorer 2 Bundle Preview             Everyday I’m asked, “What VSTs are you using?” or, “What are some good quality VSTs worth having?” This is a never fail, and I mean never. I’m always happy to answer and always give my 2 cents about products that I use and thoroughly enjoy. Rob Papen (@RobPapen), […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1
Tim Kelley Decades Maschine Masters
On the Spot Mixtape 1