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Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review

Camel Audio: Alchemy VST Review When its time to look for a new VST to add to my workflow, I tend to look for something fresh, inspiring and awesome! Will I be able to add to my workflow? Is this something unique to where I would constantly use to add to my tracks? Camel Audio […]

Urban Legends Review By EchoSoundWorks.com

Urban Legends Review by Echo SoundWorks                The word legend is thrown around often. There are sports legends, the legends of the Loch-ness Monster and Bigfoot, and the Legend of Bagger Vance. Now joining that list I’m proud to give you Urban Legends. EchoSoundsWorks (makers of the Urban Sprawl Kit) have released Urban Legends, a […]

Maschine 16GB Flash Drive with Maschine Masters Expansion

Maschine 16GB Flash Drive with Maschine Masters Expansion Introducing, the ultimate in storage mobility, I present to you, the 16GB Native Instruments Maschine Flash Drive w/ Maschine Masters Sampler Expansion (Bonus Kit) by www.hiphopdrumsamples.com. Beat CDs are a thing of the past. With this much storage you can store hundreds of your bangers, projects, drum […]

LowRider Weather Maschine Expansion Review

LowRider Weather Maschine Expansion Review             California Love, Ain’t Nothing But a G Thang, and Regulators are all classic west coast bangers. How can you deny the smooth rhythms and bumpin bass of these songs? It can be the year 2066, I’ll be 80 years old, and if one of those songs came on, God […]

Beat Rockerz by P5Audio Kit Review

Beat Rockerz by P5Audio Review             Let me start by saying something that most people don’t know about me. Rap music was not my first love. My first love believe it or not was rock music, especially the grunge sound that was coming from Seattle in the early 90s. There’s something about a distortion pedal […]

C4 Traphic Maschine Expansion Review

TheMaschineWarehouse.com C4 Traphic Review   Every generation has a style of music that defines them. The 50’s kids had rock n roll, the 70’s kids had disco, 80’s kids had stadium com, and us 90’s kids had the teeny boppers (I know us 90’s kids had by far the worst music to define our generation). […]


KICKS & SNARES FOUNDATION KIT Have you ever had a perfect sample chopped up, looped and ready to go in but can’t find that snare or kick? Some are too harsh or don’t fit the energy. Just need THAT sound. This is were the Foundation Kit from Kicks & Snares provide for us beat makers. […]

Aston Martin Music Expansion Review

Aston Martin Music Expansion Review Once upon a time the words “Aston” and “Martin” would immediately be associated with a very luxurious car that James Bond would be seen driving. Then with one smooth hook from Chrisette Michelle and our favorite wheelchair kid (Too soon?) that changed. The song quickly reached number one on US […]

Boss of the Trap Product Review

Boss of the Trap Product Review I think it’s safe to say that we all love our NI Maschines and all that they can do. I think we can all concur that the sounds that come with Maschine are great, and that NI has done a great job with creating expansion packs for us to […]

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