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Every once in a while something happens in music production and sound design that revolutionizes the way we approach song /beat creation. Prior to sample companies like Kingsway music and many others, producers had to spend countless dollars getting samples cleared so that a song didn’t have to be shelved (due to un-cleared sample usage) […]

Illmind’s Blap Kit 5 Review

Illmind’s Blap Kit 5 Review Blap, Blap, Blap! Yo wutup Maschine Masters fam! Its ya Boy X with another review to keep all you heads “in the know” with what’s hot… and what’s not. And today we most certainly got a hot for you! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard of !LLMIND. […]

International Breaks 303 Kit Review

International Breaks 303 Kit Review If you are a fan of chopping up drums, and love to get your hands on stuff that falls outside of the norm.. you are going to absolutely LOVE this collection of rare breaks. Let me start off by saying I am a BIG fan of the first two kits […]

Illmind’s 808’s and String Breaks Review

!llmind Blap Kit 808 and String Breaks Review For hip hop producers nothing and I mean NOTHING, is more important than how hard our drums hit. Whether it’s a simple kick from a DR-5, that perfectly sampled snare from our favorite break beat vinyl, or the knock of the classic 808, the drums are the […]

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