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Hating? or Just Being Honest

Hating? or Just Being Honest What’s up MM! Back with another one y’all. Wanted to ask if its hate or being honest when someone doesn’t like what we do? Let’s face it.. everyone is not gonna be the best beatsmith to ever touch a drum machine (maschine). If that was the case then everyone would […]

How to Play Hip Hop Chords on Any Drum Machine

How to Play Hip Hop Chords on Any Drum Machine Wassup everybody! This is your boy JFilt and don’t worry if you’ve never heard of me because this is my first guest post ever! I have a passion for helping beat makers like myself and today I want to discuss playing hip hop chords. Truthfully, […]

Maschine Saved My Life

Maschine MK2

I once made beats with a drum machine that had Rock drums. It’s true, and those beats sucked. Whether it was drum machines, samplers, or my favorite DAW, it was always hard to come up with something that I could REALLY bob my head to. I thought that using a computer to make beats and […]

Native Instruments Maschine vs MPC, SP1200, TR-808, HR16

A Little History: I started my production career using a Roland TR-808 drum machine and moved up through the ranks from there. I thought the 808 was the greatest drum machine up until 1986 when I used the Emu Sp12 sampling drum machine. This blew the 808 out the water simply because it allowed you […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1