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Marco Polo Pad Thai Kit Vol.2

How y’all doing out there? Anyone hungry? I hope so, because I’m about serve you up a delicious dish! Up for my review today is the greatly anticipated Marco Polo Pad Thai Vol.2. This kit has made its way over to The Drum Broker and he is now stocking his shelves with some more fine takeaway Thai cuisine […]


“My definition of hip hop is taking elements from many other spheres of music to make hip hop. Whether it be breakbeat, whether it be the groove and grunt of James Brown or the pickle-pop sounds of Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra, hip hop is also part of what they call hip-house now, or trip […]

Istandard DJ Pain 1 Collection Review

Istandard DJ Pain 1 Collection Review What’s up guys and gals! D-nast here, with my thoughts and feelings on a super-dope kit coming from the killer combo of Istandard (istandardproducers.com) and DJ Pain 1 (djpain1.info). The DJ Pain 1 Collection is a kit filled with a stash of DJ Pain 1’s personal drum samples and […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1