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Put Your Spin on it

Put Your Spin on it Yo yo what up MM family. AG here again with another quick post for you. We as producers are influenced by a lot of different things. A common one would be other producers. My question today, Is it cool to make beats just like your favorite producer or should you […]

!llmind’s BoomTrap the Drums Review

!llmind’s BoomTrap the Drums Review I’m jumping right into this review because if the constraints surrounding this kit. It’s the latest from Blap master !llmind limited to the first 200 producers that can snatch it up. I’ve been there right from the beginning of Hip Hop and I’ve seen all the different phases that Hip […]

!llmind All Subs Everything Limited Edition

!llmind All Subs Everything Limited Edition Happy new year ladies and gents! D-nast here, with Maschine Masters, kicking the year off with my review of the new special edition All Subs Everything Blap Kit, brought to you by the super producer !llmind (blapkits.com). For those who aren’t up-to-date, !llmind is known for constantly supplying some […]

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