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Beat Making – Fearless (using Illmind Blap Kits)

I used drums from Illmind Blap Kits 5-7 and also his bass plugin Rump Shaker. All other sounds are from Native Instruments Komplete. Hardware is NI Maschine and Komplete Kontrol and this track was composed in its entirety in the Maschine 2 Software. Check this track and others on soundcloud: Lease or purchase beats here! […]


“THE RED CRAYON KILLER SAMPLES” by !llmind  What’s up, MM Heads!  This is BROADWAY here to review the super HIGHLY anticipated “THE RED CRAYON KILLER SAMPLES” by the one and only !llmind. I’ll start this review off by saying, as most of you reading this probably are, I am a tremendous fan and supporter of […]

!llmind All Subs Everything Limited Edition

!llmind All Subs Everything Limited Edition Happy new year ladies and gents! D-nast here, with Maschine Masters, kicking the year off with my review of the new special edition All Subs Everything Blap Kit, brought to you by the super producer !llmind (blapkits.com). For those who aren’t up-to-date, !llmind is known for constantly supplying some […]

On the Spot 6 Mixtape
On the Spot Mixtape 1
  • R&B Flavor
  • Recently Purchased from Nizza Monferrato
Ghetto Gospel 1 Billy Blass