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MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review

MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review What up MM community? Tru aka BeatzGalore here with a review for a new sound library. This one’s for the MSXII Sounds Mutha-Plucka. If you don’t know much about MSXII Sound they are an extremely talented duo of music producers turned sound designers. They haven’t been in the sound design market […]

Kingsway Music Library Vol.3 Review

Kingsway Music Library Vol.3 Review Nothing is worse, as a producer, than coming up with a genius idea for a sample that could potentially turn into a billboard hit, only for it not to get cleared by whoever owns the rights to the material. With this being such a common problem in the industry nowadays, […]

Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece Review

Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece Review What’s up and happy holidays to my MM family. It’s the Maschine Gang General E52BEATS! with the new Snare Jordan (Jake One) Enterprises Presents – 12 Piece review. The “12 Piece “ kit is a construction kit by former G-Unit beatsmith Jake One and trained musician from […]

Rev by Output Sounds Review

Rev by Output Sounds Review             For decades people have said that if you listen to certain records backwards you can hear hidden messages.  “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin is one that comes to mind for me instantly as well as “Snowblind” by Styx. I can even remember in the early 2000 Missy Elliot’s […]


Ultimate X Sounds Vol. 1 Review We all know that Massive by NI is an unbelievably powerful VST. The sounds that come preset in it out the box are beyond phenomenal. But there are sound designers out there that simply want more from the powerful synth. Meet Ultimatexsounds.com (Ultimate X Sounds Facebook), leaders in sound […]

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