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Preparing to Shop Beats

Preparing to Shop Beats  What’s up MM fam! It’s the homie E52beats with another MM producer tip for y’all. Let me say, I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Holiday. But now with all of the Christmas shopping out of the way, it’s time to get into my favorite shopping of them all. B-E-A-T-S; BEATS! When preparing to shop beats you should pull out all […]

Beat Arrangement: Make Your Tracks More Exciting

Beat Arrangement: Make Your Tracks More Exciting What is going to make your track stand out more than the next producer? Is it the sample chops, sound/drum selection, the mix? We are the creators of soundscapes, nowadays more and more people are listing to instrumentals without vocals. Producers are being considered “artist” just as they […]

Urban Legends Review By EchoSoundWorks.com

Urban Legends Review by Echo SoundWorks                The word legend is thrown around often. There are sports legends, the legends of the Loch-ness Monster and Bigfoot, and the Legend of Bagger Vance. Now joining that list I’m proud to give you Urban Legends. EchoSoundsWorks (makers of the Urban Sprawl Kit) have released Urban Legends, a […]

Why The Hell Are We Making Music?

What’s the word everyone? It’s been a minute… Although, not too long of a minute, but enough to be considered a minute regardless. I hope all is well with everyone, and felt especially inspired to write a blog post and get myself back in action around these parts. Music surrounds us in every single way… […]

Xclusive-Audio Organic Drum Kit Review

Xclusive-Audio Organic Drum Kit Review             As we all continue down the yellow brick road to beat salvation, we pick up products and make friends along the way. Well on my journey, I came across Xclusive-Audio.com and found the Organic Drum Kit. Xclusive-Audio (@Xclusive_Audio) are also the creators of Urban Heat presented by The Producers […]

Mike Kalombo Klassic Samples Vol. 1 Review

Mike Kalombo Klassic Samples Review             It’s safe to say that we all use YouTube. When searching for beat making videos, or beat making techniques, we’ve all come across the name Mike Kalombo and heard his signature tag “Klassic.” With well over 200 videos on YouTube, and currently working with Jermaine Dupri for So So […]

Andrew Lloyd Drum Kit Review

Andrew Lloyd Drum Kit Review   There are so many drum kits out there, sometimes you feel like you run into the same recycled sounds. You go buy a kit with “producers name here” expecting to get something that sounds remotely close their sound. But in the end, you just end up with a 13895th […]

Greg Savage Presents: Boom Bap Phonetics II Review

“The Boom Bap Is Back!” After releasing his widely successful kit (“J Dilla Drum Kit (Boom Bap Phonetics)”), the genius, Greg Savage, is back with yet another killer drum kit, “Boom Bap Phonetics 2”. The kit includes over 100 banging sounds from kicks, snares, and hi-hats, bass to loops and bonus filler stems all in […]

LowRider Weather Maschine Expansion Review

LowRider Weather Maschine Expansion Review             California Love, Ain’t Nothing But a G Thang, and Regulators are all classic west coast bangers. How can you deny the smooth rhythms and bumpin bass of these songs? It can be the year 2066, I’ll be 80 years old, and if one of those songs came on, God […]

Neck Brace Inducer Kit Vol. 1 Review

Neck Brace Inducer Kit Vol. 1 Review             Grinding, produced by The Neptunes and performed by Clipse, is easily one track that comes to mind when thinking of tracks with smacking drums. There’s something about the simplicity of those simple kicks and snares that makes us look like Miller Park […]

Tim Kelley Decades Maschine Masters
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