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Building Your Producer Brand 101 pt2

Building Your Producer Brand 101 pt2 What up MM! Your man AG back with a quick blog post for the Holidays. Since we’re in a giving season, I wanted to share another tip on Building Your Producer Brand! Hopefully it’s something you can implement going into 2014! Last time in Part 1 we touched on keeping your brand consistent […]

Building your Producer Brand 101

Building your Producer Brand 101 What’s up MM! This your man AG aka AG GOT BEATS everyewhere! That’s what brings me to this blog post. I’m in constant contact with a lot of producers whether from questions on my Native Instruments Maschine tutorial videos, to MM Beat Battles, to #instabattles we hold on Instagram, giveaways […]

Maschine 16GB Flash Drive with Maschine Masters Expansion

Maschine 16GB Flash Drive with Maschine Masters Expansion Introducing, the ultimate in storage mobility, I present to you, the 16GB Native Instruments Maschine Flash Drive w/ Maschine Masters Sampler Expansion (Bonus Kit) by www.hiphopdrumsamples.com. Beat CDs are a thing of the past. With this much storage you can store hundreds of your bangers, projects, drum […]

Do We Need A Producers Union?

“We need a UNION!!!” This is a subject that has been floating around the producer community recently. It was 1st mentioned by !llmind on twitter last month and molded into a real life idea with producer manager, Ivan of 1 Shot Management. Basically saying that new producers are getting underpaid to do major label work. […]

Protect Your Gear With Digital Deck Covers!

  Whats good MM fam! I’m back with a quick review and to talk about my experience with the custom dust covers for The Native Instruments Maschine from www.Digitaldeckcovers.com. Our main goal is to protect our gear, our investment. Without our equipment we are nothing. 1 small purchase can extend the life of your large […]

AGgotbeats – “The Interview” Part 2

    In Part 1 of the interview with AG, we dove into his roots. We find that he is truly a hiphop head and knows the game as far as some of the greatest hiphop leaders in our time. I’m still at odds with the whole “Is he really Batman” thing. Guess we will never truly know…. […]

AGgotBeats “The Interview” Part 1

     About a year ago, I went online in search of a Maschine tutorial. I came across something more. The AGgotbeats youtube channel. Later changed to AGgottbeats with two t’s. Everything I now know about Maschine was learned by watching his tutorials.  Many of us got to know AG by simply asking him a question. […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1
On the Spot Mixtape 1
Tim Kelley Decades Maschine Masters