Let us take your beats to the next level with a proper professional mix. It’s well known in the music industry that poorly mixed music with unbalanced levels or nasty distortion will not be given the time of day by artists and record labels. When an artist or label plays your beat, they want to be given a picture of how the final song would sound in the club or on the radio. Chief mixing engineer, Hellfire Beats, treats each and every mix as if were his own music. Using the latest version of the industry standard DAW, Pro Tools, as well as high quality plugins by manufacturers such as Universal Audio (UAD), Waves, Slate Digital, and many more, you can be sure that each and every track will get the proper processing it needs, if needed of course. Not every sound needs to be touched. But we do strive to get you the warmest sound and great clarity without sounding muddy and overly harsh.

Additionally, in this industry with an ever-growing list of different listening formats that our music is consumed on today, your mix will be Mastered in any one listening format of your choice. Your mastering choices include CD, iTunes, Soundcloud, Streaming, and YouTube. Not to get overly technical, these different platforms each have different requirements for the perceived loudness levels (LUFS) of your track and as such your mixes will benefit more from being mastered specifically for each format vs using just one master for each platform. For example, getting a master done specifically for Streaming instead of just using the standard CD master helps to preserve more of the dynamics of your beat by not having to submit such a loud master to a platform that is just going to normalize your audio to quieter level anyway. So it’s better to just submit a quieter version than to just let them attenuate a louder version to their lower level. And although the mixing service only includes delivery of your final mix in one format, you may also order versions of your mix in other formats for an additional fee per each one.

Mixing prices (based on the amount of Audio Tracks in your session):

Up to 10 Tracks:
1 for $40
2 for $76 = $38 per beat (Save 5%)
3 for $108 = $36 per beat (Save 10%)

Up to 20 Tracks:
1 for $60
2 for $114 = $57 per beat (Save 5%)
3 for $162 = $54 per beat (Save 10%)

Up to 30 Tracks:
1 for $90
2 for $171 = $86 per beat (Save 5%)
3 for $243 = $81 per beat (Save 10%)

We can also provide the mixed stems upon request.

Mixed Stems – $5 per beat

All prices includes one up to one revision per beat.

For vocal mixing inquiries please use contact submission form.

Sending us your music is easy too. Pro Tools users can simply send a download link of their full Pro Tools session to us via email. When sending Pro Tools sessions, be sure to send the entire session folder with the session file and Audio Files folder inside. For non-Pro Tools users, simply send us a download link to your stems in either WAV or AIFF format. Just make sure the stem files line up properly at the same starting point. For the best possible quality, please do not send MP3 files. In most cases, turnaround time will be within 48 hours.

We sincerely appreciate your business and are greatly looking forward to working with you to get your finished product to the highest level possible!

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