VerySickMidi Vol. 2

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Very Sick Midi 2 is great for Boombap, Neosoul, R&B, and the ever growing LOFI type of feel to your music. Great companion to Vol. 1 so enjoy and have fun.


48 midi files split into 4 categories – Piano, Organ, Bass, Pad
48 wav files split into 4 optional categories – (Piano, Organ, Bass, Pad) or your choice
Bonus Folder including Drums and a composition in midi and wav form
32 wav files of dusty drums
Processed using MPC2000XL, Sp 404sx & PROTOOLS
All sounds are royalty free
Wavs are key and BPM labeled (16-bit/44wav)
All 12 keys are covered and each file will work together if the keys match
Compatible with any hardware/software system that uses WAV and MIDI formatting

Tim Kelley Decades Maschine Masters
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