VerySickMidi Vol. 1

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First kit from JFilt with midi files hence the name VerySickMidi Vol.1. He realized that many beatmakers and producers like the notes and chords of some samples but may want a different sound. For example, they may want the same exact progression of a piano sample, but with a rhodes sound instead. That's the purpose of this kit. Use these midi files in your software and incorporate any sound of your choosing. And since it's midi, that means you can change the key, tempo, or pretty much any other change you desire. Included are the wav versions of each midi file. Great for that funk or soul type of feel to your music.

  • 49 midi files split into 4 categories – Bass, Clav, Strings, Wurly
  • 49 wav files split into 4 categories – Bass, Clav, Strings, Wurly
  • Bonus Folder including Drums and a composition in midi and wav form
  • Processed using MPC2000XL, Sp 404sx & PROTOOLS
  • All sounds are royalty free
  • Wavs are key and BPM labeled (16-bit/44wav)
  • Compatible with any hardware/software system that uses WAV and MIDI formatting

On the Spot Mixtape 1