SUB (Low End Engine)

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Analog & Digital Low End Engine

SUB is an”808-type” sub bass Kontakt 5 library, sampled both from analog and digital sources. All patches are deep-sampled, so you can play melodic 808 riffs on your keyboard, while always keeping the bass and the punch of each hits intact!

20 patches
10 analog patches, designed on a Moog Little Phatty
10 digital patches, designed on XFer Serum
281.5 MB of data
260 individual samples (includes root key so you can use them without the Kontakt engine)
Glide, filters and SSL EQ
All-new effects module: tape saturation, distortion, low fi, stereo enhancer, rotator, flanger, phaser and delay.
Modulators: sidechain, stutter, wobble & panner.
Compatible with Kontakt v5.0.3 (full version)

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