Last Supper Sample Pack

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Last Supper sample pack from Sonics Empire includes 3 essential elements: melodies, drums, and vocals.

In the melodies folder, you will find 16 full Samples and 31 stem files organized with tempo and key included.

In Drums Folder we provided you with two subfolders that contain 33 Drum Samples, and 10 Drum loops created using those samples.

In the vocals section, we put dry and wet files of 41 Vocal shot, and 10 Vocal Loops, to leave you with a choice of using them as you like.

in addition to that, MIDI files of different melodies are exported as well for you to use with your preferred sound.

that leaves you with 203 of total files ready to add value to your production process and results.

Product Details:
33 Drum Samples
10 Drum Loops
11 MIDI Melody
31 Stem Files
16 Full Samples
10 Vocal Loops
41 Vocal Shots
Dry and Wet
Melodies, Vocals, Drums
Tempo & Key Labelled
Royalty-free 100%

+513 MB of content

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