Boonie Tunes Presents – LoFi Sound Collection Vol 10

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Boonie Mayfield a/k/a Boon Doc presents the final installment of Boonie Tunes Lo-Fi Sound Collection. This series digs back into old sessions from Boon Doc’s trusted MPC 1000 that have not been accessed in over 10 years. From the dirty, air-filled and loosely swung grooves of his drum programming to his seamless sample chopping skills, Boonie’s classic lo-fi sound has been an inspiration for fellow producers, musicians, rappers, singer/songwriters, deejays and filmmakers worldwide.

When you’re itching for those vinyl crackling lo-fi grooves, your inspiration and workflow is sure to spark when diving into this pack of 23 royalty free drum loops and sounds. Also included is a special bonus folder containing some of Boonie’s sample-chop sessions to vibe with.

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