Boonie Tunes Presents – BoonBap Drum Loops Vol 2

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Boonie Mayfield Presents Boon Bap Loops Vol.2. This is a 3 part release of all his personally played drum breaks, drums he programmed along with live instruments. If you've ever watched youtube before it became oversaturated you know “Boon Doc”.

His classic Boom Bap style with the MPC 1000 and later the silky Neo Soul groove with live instrumentation. Well all this is now being handed to you. These breaks will give you instant inspiration to create your next hit. Whether from scratch or mixing and matching stems that he has provided. Also included is a bonus kit with close to 400 one shots.

This kits includes:

BONUS – Free ‘Boonie Mayfield Kit Pt. 2’ from

Maschine, MPC and Wav Format

Almost 500 high quality sounds and loops (Royalty Free)

Loop BPM's

and more

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