Maschine Masters Sample Pack Saturday 102

Welcome to week 102 of Sample Pack Saturday! Your man @BillyBlass back with another dope pack for you. Every week there is something about each sample I select. So I decided to bring you into my world and let yall know what I hear when I’m picking them. If you are looking for the feel that I describe below, head over to the sample pack section, download and get busy! By the way, make sure you post your tracks made with these samples in the sample pack saturday beat thread. We want to hear them! Until next week, Peace.

Sample 1: The horns and guitar are dope…
Sample 2: The Xylophone and piano are groovy..
Sample 3: The dreamy earthy feel to it…
Sample 4: Gangster.
Sample 5: Joint has a dope godfather feel to it…

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