Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

  1. Your download link is inside your order confirmation email. Be sure to check the email account you made your purchase with.
  2. Please check your spam folder.
  3. Log into your Maschine Masters account and under Dashboard check within the Downloads section.
If it is still missing, use our contact form to send an email to with receipt attached for faster service.
  1. Double click the download file to unzip the content.
  2. If nothing happens after you downloaded and double-clicked, you may either have had a network disconnect while downloading which can be resolved by downloading again or you may not have any extraction software installed. (this is what’s used to decompress the file)
  3. There are many free programs to download.  We recommend 7 Zip for windows and Keka for MAC.
All sounds are in .wav format
Please register Click here for Membership page then contact us with a copy of your receipt so we can manually upgrade your account
  1. You must either be an Associate, Bachelor or Master member.
  2. Then you can access your downloads under Members and Downloads.
  3. You can also access them here: Sample Pack Download  
You must be an Associate, Bachelors or Master member. Click here to see membership options.
Yes, the kits are all in .wav format so they work on IPADs, laptops and pcs on MAC and Windows.
The easiest way to load your kit is to open the project file directly from the purchased kit folder. It will ask you to locate the files. Go to the sample folder within the purchased kit and select the first file it asks for. This should find all the files and you should be good to go.
Master Clearance Guaranteed Sample Packs Master Clearance simply means if you place a record that you have produced on a Major Record Label or on TV (synch) using a sample included in one of our “Master Clearance Sample Packs” you are guaranteed clearance to use any sample, but you will split the publishing with the creator of that pack, and provide a production credit to the composer and its owners. Contact info will be provided in said pack for clearance. However, if the samples from “Master Clearance Sample Packs” are used in a Non Major Label release then you can use them royalty free, including leasing to Indi Artists, producing a beat-tape or mixtape, or simply upload to your soundcloud to share./p>

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