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Want To Learn How To Make Beats?

Get over 1.5 hours of in-depth training in this 6-Part Complete Beat Making Course. Work along with Hellfire using files (included) as he walks you through (step by step) his entire beat making process from start to finish. It’s like your right in the studio with him!

This beat making course will be demonstrated on the Akai MPC Renaissance but these fundamental techniques can be used with Maschine, FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase or any other DAW you can think of.

This particular training course concentrates on sample based beat making and begins with loading and chopping your sample.  He then shows you how to create your sample pattern in the sequencer and add drums to it.  It also includes how to add a bass to support your beat using a virtual instrument (vst) as well as how to layer your drums to beef them up.

Hellfire follows that up by teaching how to make alternate sequences, plus preparing you to create your final master piece using Song Mode. To finish the course, he shows how to do a quick mix and export your project for your listening pleasure.

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