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Synthexium Maschine Expansion Review

Synthexium Maschine Expansion Review               The pharmaceutical world is a very assorted one. We have pills for this, ointments for that, creams for there and syrups for everything else.  It’s no wonder they say it’s more profitable to treat diseases rather than cure them (But that’s a different story for another day). But how […]

Native Instruments CARIBBEAN CURRENT Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments introduces CARIBBEAN CURRENT Expansion for MASCHINE Berlin, October 8, 2014 – Native Instruments today introduced CARIBBEAN CURRENT – a new MASCHINE Expansion that pairs the sounds and rhythms of traditional Caribbean music with a modern, club-oriented aesthetic. CARIBBEAN CURRENT features all-new patterns, custom MASSIVE presets, a dub siren, and exclusive kits created and […]

Making the Beat in MPC Renaissance Ep 11

In this Beat Making video @TripleXBeatz does a demo review and makes a beat in Akai MPC Rennaisance 1.7 with @BillyBlass Ghetto Gospel Sample Pack. Cop this kit in Wav. MPC and Maschine format on 9.14.14. For this and more exclusive maschine kits visit soundkits section above. Share this post with the button below and […]

Synthetic Artillery Maschine Expansion Review

Synthetic Artillery Maschine Expansion Review        When you hear the word synthetic most people would associate it with something that is fake. When you hear the word artillery most would probably think cannons, gunfire, heavy and ect. Thanks to our friends at (@1goodknob), synthetic no longer shall be associated with fake. The sounds in this […]

Stratospheric Expansion Review

Stratospheric Expansion Review             Usually when I write a review, I open with some metaphor that tends to have very little to do with music and then tie it back full circle to the product being reviewed. It would go something like, “For centuries human beings fascination with outer space has plagued us. To get […]

Native instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Review

Native instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Review What’s good MM fam? It’s your roving reporter BeatzGalore here with a review for an amazing product, The Native Instruments Resonant Blaze Expansion Pack. As we all know Native Instruments is at the top of their game when it comes to sound design, providing producers from every genre with […]

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