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Maschine 2.0 Drag n Drop tracks into your DAW

In this Nativeinstruments Maschine 2.0.5 tutorial video we show how to drag and drop your audio and midi tracks separately into Ableton Live 9 or your DAW of choice. This makes tracking out your beats in Maschine very easy. 

Maschine 2.0 How to Resample layered sounds in Maschine Studio

In this follow up NativeInstruments Maschine 2.0 video tutorial we show how to resample inside of NI Maschine using a layered kick we created. This can be done on the Maschine Studio, Maschine MK2 and Maschine Mikro. 

Maschine 2.0 Easy way to Layer Drums

In this Nativeinstruments Maschine 2.0 video tutorial we explain an easy way to layer your drums on Maschine Studio, Maschine MK2 or Mikro using ADD feature which allows extra control over layered samples like, tune, gain, start and end points, pan and more. 

Import MP3 into Maschine 2.0 plus New Sampling Workflow

In this nativeinstruments maschine 2.0 video tutorial we show you a super easy way to import your mp3 files into Maschine 2.0 using Snapper plus new workflow when chopping samples to change the polyphony and choke using multi option and all option to select entire group. These tutorial can be applied to the Maschine, Maschine […]

On the Spot Mixtape 1
On the Spot Mixtape 1
Tim Kelley Decades Maschine Masters
On the Spot Mixtape 1