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FreeVee Friday [TAL Noisemaker]

FreeVee Friday [TAL Noisemaker] Welcome back MM “FreeVee” friday fans, Tru is back from musical hibernation and ready to share with you a new Vsti for all of you “sub whores” out there who just can’t get enough. The TAL-Noisemaker is brought to us by Togu Audio Line an awesome team of programmers and sound […]

FreeVee Friday [Luxonix LFX-1310]

FreeVee Friday [Luxonix LFX-1310] Peace “FreeVee” friday crew your humble “scoutmaster” has returned from the “Turkey Day” hiatus with a heaping helping of “leftovers” in the form of an amazing “FreeVee” from Korean software developer Luxonix. Luxonix first hit the scene in 2004 with the introduction of Ravity, for those of you not familar with […]

FreeVee Friday [Angular Momentum’s KickLab XL]

FreeVee Friday [Angular Momentum’s KickLab XL] What it do “FreeVee” friday crew (hey that rhymed)? The hunter-gatherer is “back at it like a Craftmatic” (last one I promise) lol! While foraging for some “sonic sustenance”, I came across a dope Vsti called Kicklab XL from Angular Momentum. Kicklab XL is a Vsti dedicated to arguably […]

FreeVee Friday Camel Audio [CamelCrusher]

FreeVee Friday Camel Audio [CamelCrusher] What’s MM fam? BeatzGalore here, back from the “virtual wild” with another “FreeVee” for ya! We’ve been at this for some time now and I’d like to thank all of you who take the time to read this blog. This week I’m introducing to some and re-introducing others to an […]

FreeVee Friday Keolab [Spicy Guitar]

FreeVee Friday Keolab [Spicy Guitar] What’s good “FreeVee Friday Crew“? It’s ya boy Tru McDuck back with an armful of firewood for that heat I know you’ve been making. This week I’m going to be introducing you loyal scouts to a Vsti I consider “Too Gee To Be Free“, a “hot” little number that goes […]

FreeVee Fridays [ Digital Fishphones The Fish Fillets]

FreeVee Fridays [ Digital Fishphones The Fish Fillets] Ahhhh, here we are again. Another wonderful friday in the digital wilderness. Drink it in ladies and gents; drink it in! After 7 days of experimentation with last weeks “FreeVee” there’s no doubt you’ve got a track that’s ready for a sonic “facelift”. Have no fear, “Scout […]

FreeVee Friday [Futucraft’s Kairatune] Vsti

FreeVee Friday [Futucraft’s Kairatune] Vsti Welcome to the first installment of FreeVee Friday. This purpose of this blog is to introduce some of the many free VST’s and VSTi’s available on the web. Please be forewarned this blog is not about pirating software, cracked programs, or a forum for others to exploit the hard work […]

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