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SAMIK “THE SYMPHONY” BAU ENT. INTERVIEW Samik Ganguly also known as “The Symphony” is an American record producer, DJ, and writer with a classically trained background as a violinist. One of the co-founder’s of BAU (Business As Usual) Entertainment, The Symphony has been featured in various showcases and events, some of the most recent being […]

“Vintage Beatz”-The Interview

What’s up Maschine Masters family! Today we get to know the man behind the samples. He has consistently provided the fuel for the fire so we can challenge our skills on the beats. Who do I speak of? The man “Billy Blass” of “Vintage Beatz”. Let’s talk: Rushaa: What’s up Billy Blass! Vintage Beatz: I’m […]

SWANNY RIVER-“The Interview”

  We know who he is. He is the one and only Swanny River! Let’s get into this conversation with one of our greatest supporters. Check it out: Rushaa: SWANNNNYYY!! What’s up man?! Swanny River: What’s Good Ma Dude. R: How is the New Year treating you? SR: Well it just started. So far, so […]

NEEK RUSHER-“The Interview”

Rushaa: First off I want to say thank you for hooking up with us on Maschine Masters, this is tight! Neek Rusher: You Welcome. I want to say thank you as well for the opportunity.  R: How has the New Year been for you? NR: I can’t complain Rushaa so far so good. New Year […]

AbJo “The Interview”

     About three years ago I was on the lookout for some new music. Well, on my search I came across a artist by the name of “Abjo”. Sometimes you get tired of the same ole music from the same ole artist…(no disrespect). So what I did was go on a mission. I’m shocked […]

AGgotbeats – “The Interview” Part 2

    In Part 1 of the interview with AG, we dove into his roots. We find that he is truly a hiphop head and knows the game as far as some of the greatest hiphop leaders in our time. I’m still at odds with the whole “Is he really Batman” thing. Guess we will never truly know…. […]

AGgotBeats “The Interview” Part 1

     About a year ago, I went online in search of a Maschine tutorial. I came across something more. The AGgotbeats youtube channel. Later changed to AGgottbeats with two t’s. Everything I now know about Maschine was learned by watching his tutorials.  Many of us got to know AG by simply asking him a question. […]

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