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Sweat The Technique 3

Sweat the Technique 3 What’s up Maschine Masters! Welcome to the 3rd installment of Sweat the Technique! From our previous episodes you know STT offers some very valuable producer tips and this one is no different. This time we got up with super producers Jimi Kendrix, Mike Kalombo, Foreign Allegiance and Anno Domini. Don’t just read, take this […]

Sweat The Technique 2

Sweat the Technique 2 What’s up Maschine Masters! Here is the 2nd installment of Sweat the Technique! This time we reached out to our good friends Marco Polo, Ken Lewis, Frank Dukes and Boonie Mayfield to get some SUPER producer tips for you. Soak it all in and most importantly begin to apply them into your […]

Sweat the Technique

Sweat the Technique What’s up MaschineMasters! You know by now that we are always providing good producer tips to the up and comers out there. This new segment will be appropriately titled  “Sweat the Technique” and will include super producers who need no introduction. These pros share tips that keep them on top of their game. […]

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