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Mix Talk Episode 2 – Upgrading Your Mixing Environment On A Budget

In this mix talk tutorial mixing engineer Brian Temme talks about simple and cost effective ways to improve your mixing environment. Some include creating a perfect triangle between you and your speaker monitors, adding necessary acoustic treatment, auralex sound resistant foam and listening in multiple rooms before bouncing final track. For more mixing tips, tricks […]

Quick Tip: Easy Way To Backup Beats and Studio Sessions

In this tutorial video Hellfire gives some quick tips on how to back up your beats and studio sessions just incase you have a hard drive failure, theft or fire. He also give some free and paid solutions such as Chronosync, Dsynchronize, Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner for cloning and syncing your hard drive […]

Interview: Timbaland Sound Designer – Anomaly aka Sound Oracle

In this video D-Ski interviews Timbaland chief sound designer Anomaly aka Sound Oracle. You can find his work on songs from Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Future, Polow Da Don and more. Check out our store to purchase kits from this super talented sound designer. Follow Anomaly aka Sound Oracle […]

In The Studio Q&A: with Super Producer Krunkadelic

In this Periscope broadcast we caught up with Super Producer Krunkadelic and Miss Zenya in Pink House Studios in Miami Florida. Krunkadelic has credits for Sean Paul, Jamie Foxx, Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, Jazmine Sullivan, Chris Webby and more. Watch as he breaks down hit records, answers publishing questions, talks about giving away free beats plus […]

Easy Panning Techniques to Maximize Space in Your Mix

Before we start, here is a sample of placement panning to create the spatial illusion of an orchestra.   Panning could be thought of as the controlled distribution and manipulation of the sound spectrum. This ultimate aim of enhancing the listening experience is nothing new: as early as the 16th century, Italian composer Giovanni Gabrielli […]

10 Simple Steps to Become a Successful Music Producer

10 Simple Steps to Become a Successful Music Producer Let’s face it, not many of us will go on to become Grammy Award winning producers. Probably not even have the opportunity to place our production with major artists. Don’t be discouraged. The great thing is that having placements with artists is not all that’s available to […]

Balancing Work and Music Production

Balancing Work & Music Production What up MM! It’s your boy Ant Smith back with a well overdue blog post. Today I’ve got a subject that is a problem for most producers; balancing work and production. In an ideal world we would all love to give up the day jobs, whether you’re a banker, engineer, shop assistant, […]

Audio School Online Sampling Secrets Tutorial Review

What up, MM sisters and brethren? VolcanoBeats back with a little something different. I’ve got a nice treat from the good folks over at Audio School Online. If you aren’t familiar with this site it’s run by Ken Lewis. Who is he? The Multi-platinum (that’s an understatement) and 12-time Grammy award winning engineer, songwriter and […]

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