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Drum Broker Essential Percussion

What’s the deal MM fam, it’s TheSamplerKing aka VolcanoBeats back at you once again with another “Essential” library from the good folks over at the Drum Broker. This time they tackle percussion with their latest installment in the Essential series, Essential Percussion.   What is it? It’s a dope collection of 40 percussion stabs and […]

MSX AUDIO Talkbox Samples

Greetings from the lab. VolcanoBeats here, and I’m back at you again with more content to fill up your favorite sampler/DAW. This time it’s the latest sample pack from the sound design gurus over at MSXII, TalkBox Samples. Yes that talkbox. The device that Mr. Troutman and Mr. Riley used so eloquently. This set comes […]

Bullyfinger Bliptron

Greetings fellow Maschinists, VolcanoBeats here with an exclusive fresh off the presses. A dope collection of lo-fi, 8 bit and some outright different drum sounds. Bullyfinger’s Bliptron. A vast collection of over 600 sounds sampled from such classics as the Commodore 64 SID, Atari 2600, Nintendo Gameboy, Dave Smith Tempest, Casio VL-Tone and more. The […]

Drum Broker presents “Essential Bass” Review

Yo! What’s good MM? VolcanoBeats back at you outta the cut once more and I’m all about that bass. Nah, I’m not quoting Ms.Trainor, I’m talking about that bass! That element of hip hop music that speaks to the soul. And what’s hip hop without soul? For this purpose I have an essential sound library […]

NorthSoundKits Boom Bap V2

“boom-bap/(boooom-bahp)” a hip hop subgenre an onomatopoeia for the drum sounds prominent in boom bap. It is usually recognized by an acoustic drum loop/break and a chopped up sample style that became widely used in the early 90’s as opposed to the old school type synth beats. The term was popularized by the album Return […]

Audio School Online Sampling Secrets Tutorial Review

What up, MM sisters and brethren? VolcanoBeats back with a little something different. I’ve got a nice treat from the good folks over at Audio School Online. If you aren’t familiar with this site it’s run by Ken Lewis. Who is he? The Multi-platinum (that’s an understatement) and 12-time Grammy award winning engineer, songwriter and […]

Ski Beatz Limited Edition Drum Module

VolcanoBeats here with an exclusive straight from the Producer’s Choice, a dope site for top quality sounds might I add. They have teamed with Ski Beatz, the legendary producer responsible for some of Jay Z’s best early work (Dead Presidents, Feelin’ It, etc.) and recent work with the likes of Curren$y, Stalley, etc. PC and […]

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