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ProjectSam Orchestral Essentials Review

ProjectSam Orchestral Essentials Review If you have ever heard of ProjectSam before, then chances are you have also heard of Symphobia 1 & 2, which are very epic and realistic sounding, albeit expensive, cinematic sound libraries for Kontakt player. Enter Orchestral Essentials. What you will find here is just that. All the essentials needed for […]

Ski Beatz Iron Fingers Kit Review

SKi Beatz Iron Fingers Kit Review It goes without saying that any real Hiphop head knows who Ski Beatz is. Even if they don’t know his entire catalog, they at least know about Reasonable Doubt and Dead Presidents, and that Ski is no stranger to crafting dope Hiphop joints. Blap Blap Blap! So when dude […]

Sean Divine 336 Kit Review

Sean Divine 336 Kit Review Aye, wutup sound junkiez! It’s ya boy X, back with another review. This one here is another Producers Choice joint, the 336 Kit by Sean Divine. The 3 main components, 36 Kicks, 36 Snares, and 36 Claps, are where the kit apparently gets its name from. But you will also […]

New Native Instruments Maschine Studio 2.0 Controller

Native Instruments Maschine Studio 2.0 We’ve all been waiting. We’ve all been watching. Talking amongst ourselves, nagging those in circles close to us that are either associated with, or directly employed by Native Instruments. For now, it looks like the nagging will continue.. but alas! A little clue as to the direction Native Instruments is […]

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