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All of us here at Machine Masters got excited today when we found out that super-producer Illmind dropped a new kit over at !llmind has dropped some absolute gems in the past and his The Blap Kits have become a household name throughout the community. So, naturally, when !llmind Special Edition: Blap Kit All Chords […]

Cardiak Presents: Cold Air The Sample Pack

Greetings Maschine Masters Compadre’s! What’s good? I hope everybody here has had a great summer and you’ve all had the chance to break away from the studio to get outside and enjoy some sunshine! But since we are all beat junkies, now that the Cold Air The Sample Pack has been released over at The Drum Broker, I […]

Drum Broker + Divided Soul: 12Bit Soul Vol.4

Greetings Earthlings. A fresh kit just landed on the shelves over at The Drum Broker. The Divided Soul-Twelve Bit Soul Vol.4 just dropped and I’m going to be reviewing what it has got to offer.   Divided Soul has been known and recognized for their outstanding kits, and I have had the pleasure of using their […]

BullyFinger – RumbleFawk Bass

How are we all doing my Maschine Masters compadres? I hope everyone here is keeping well and above all are keeping their music strong. So, you guys are checking this article out to find out what’s fresh on the shelves over at The Drum Broker right? Well, up for evaluation today is a naughty little bass kit […]

Marco Polo Pad Thai Kit Vol.2

How y’all doing out there? Anyone hungry? I hope so, because I’m about serve you up a delicious dish! Up for my review today is the greatly anticipated Marco Polo Pad Thai Vol.2. This kit has made its way over to The Drum Broker and he is now stocking his shelves with some more fine takeaway Thai cuisine […]

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