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Maschine 2 x Studio One Midi Workflow

In this maschine tutorial James Jaxin explains how to set up Maschine 2.0 inside of Studio One using midi. This workflow is good for those that use maschine as a drum module. For more exclusive tips, tricks and tutorials join us at Follow James Jaxin Tweets by jaxin414

Synthexium Maschine Expansion Review

Synthexium Maschine Expansion Review               The pharmaceutical world is a very assorted one. We have pills for this, ointments for that, creams for there and syrups for everything else.  It’s no wonder they say it’s more profitable to treat diseases rather than cure them (But that’s a different story for another day). But how […]

Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Review

Producers Choice Vocal Warfare Review The chopped vocal sample has been an essential part of the hip hop game for years. It’s that small, simple yet effective piece that puts the sprinkles on the ice cream sundae known as your beat. A simple “hey” (currently overused by DJ Mustard), or a “whooo” (a la Ric […]

“Cardiak Present’s The Clinic” Review

Cardiak Present’s The Clinic Review             Let’s be real here. When most of us go to the clinic it’s usually not a good thing. Usually getting something cleared up from the weekend, or needing a doctor’s note to get out of work. But when you put the homie Cardiak’s name in front of that clinic, […]

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