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The Drum Broker Presents – Analog Subs Vol. 1

What’s up world! Today I’m gonna drop my thoughts and feelings on a super dope kit coming straight from our good friends over at The Drum Broker. Analog Subs is a collection of sub bass patches sourced from authentic vintage machines (Roland SH 101. Memory Moog), optimized for MASCHINE, but  ready for all DAW’s with […]

BULLYFINGER – A.C.T. (Analog Clap Toolkit)

What’s up world! Today I’m dropping in to share my thoughts and feelings on a new kit from the epic tag team of Bullyfinger and The Drum Broker: A.C.T. (Analog Clap Toolkit) is the ultimate collection of clap sounds, sampled from seven different rhythm boxes and processed through an expensive preamp. With each Rhythm box […]

Loopmasters presents: Push Button Bang – Adventures in Hiphop

THE INTRO Presented by Loopmasters, Adventures In Hip Hop (AIHH), is a giant collection of over 1900 samples created by the guys at Push Button Bang to imitate the classic sound of original hip hop, blended with modern day drums. With a taste of both east and west influences AIHH offers a nice variety for a […]

Loopmasters Presents: SloFi Session SP32 by RawCutz

Today I’m bringing you my thoughts and feelings on a smoking hot kit from the killer combo of Loopmasters and Raw Cutz. Slo-Fi Sessions is the newest (32nd) installment in the SP series, a series known for captivating the much sought after, “golden era” sound. With a mixture of pads, fx , melodies and drums […]

Monosole Presents: Tape to Dub Plate 6 “Brush Bap”

From the team at The Drum Broker, and Monosole music. Tape to Dub Plate 6 “Brush Bap” (TTDP6) is a filthy collection  of drum breaks performed with a set of brushes instead of your traditional drum sticks. For those who aren’t familiar with the series, the drum breaks are recorded straight to tape, mixed on a […]

12 Bit Soul Vol.3 by Divided Soul & The Drum Broker

Whats up world! Dnast here once again, bringing you my thoughts and feelings on the latest  installment in the 12 Bit Soul series, from the killer team of Divided soul and The Drum Broker. 12 Bit Soul 3 is a collection of 120 hard hitting drums, that focus on Keeping the analog feel, in modern […]

Minty Drums Presents – The NESYNTH Review

Happy New Year world! D-Nast here with my thoughts and feelings on a dope new installment in the Minty Series from our good friends, The Drum Broker, and Jordan Thorn. For those who don’t know Jordan, he is the mastermind behind As well as the heavy hitting Minty drums series available at The Drum […]

MSX Audio presents the Corney Mims Bass pack

​Whats up fellow MM family, happy Thanksgiving! D-Nast here, back from a brief hiatus to share my thoughts and feelings on a hot new kit from our good friends MSXII Sound Design. The Corney Mims Bass Pack is a killer collection of 59 loops performed by the infamous Cornelius Mims. For those who aren’t hip, Cornelius […]

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