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SoSik Drum Kit

If you have been listen to the beat battle scene on YouTube, Istandard Producers, and various blogs, I am sure you have heard of a producer by the name of Sikwitit Beats. His name is pronounced (Sick-Wit-It). He is the reigning Beast of The Beats Champion. This is a beat competition sponsored by Istandard Producers. […]


Whaddup everybody? Maschine Masters and Daysun Civil are back with another MSXII review. This is part two, the continuation of “The Line” series from MSXII Sound Design. If you know anything about the first offering of “The Line”, you will know that The Line 2 picks right where the last one left off. If you’re […]

International One Shots: These were the Breaks

It’s Daysun Civil and Maschine Masters here to comb through another drumkit. This time we are going to take an international journey to search through some vinyl samples. You might want to stay or book the next flight home. Anyway, we are reviewing International One Shots. Diggers, get your passports ready and board this flight […]

LoopMasters presents: Raw Cutz – Turf Smoke SP31

Greetings to all my producers and Maschine Masters com-padres! It’s Daysun Civil and I have another drum kit review. This time we are reviewing a product from our good friends over at Raw Cuts by way of Loopmasters. If you know anything about Raw Cuts and Loopmasters, you know they have historically branded themselves as […]

Erik Jackson Presents: Jazz Pads

What’s up my fellow producers and beat makers? Once again, it’s Daysun Civil with another review for Maschine Masters. I am checking out another Erik Jackson drum kit. He is mostly known for providing great acoustic and live drum samples. His latest drum kit is entitled Erik Jackson Presents: Jazz Pads. Just as the title […]

Anomaly Presents: The 808 Formula

Here we go again my fellow producers. It’s Daysun and Maschine Masters with another drum kit review. This latest review is focused on a drum kit from none other than the producer and sound designer Anomaly. This release comes quickly out the gate since his last release “The Oracle Pack Vol 1” was released close […]

Snare Jordan Enterprises Presents – Dramatically Yours

Once again, Maschine Masters is back weed-out the best from the worst in samples libraries and drum kits. You know, help add some heat to your sample anthologies. Today, I’m reviewing a kit from a production powerhouse notorious for quality sample and drum libraries. I am reviewing none other than “Dramatically Yours” from Snare Jordan Enterprises. […]

Matt McGinely Coffee Breaks

Once again, it’s Daysun Civil from Maschine Masters. I’m back with another drum kit review. This time Matt McGinley from “Gym Class Heroes” has decided to enter the realm of sound design. Matt’s product is entitled Coffee Breaks.  By the sound of this kit. I think he knows what the people want. We want something […]

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