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Stix and Thelonious Martin – The NBA Jampack Part 1

The NBA season is just over a month away from starting and our man Stix has layed us up something tasty. The world-renowned drummer is back with the 5th release in his infamous Stix – Jampack series. I’ve always liked what Stix has released so be sure to check out the following reviews Stix Jampack, Stix jampack […]

Hardware Vs. Software

  A topic as HOT as this must have been discussed or at least thought about, by many of you producers out there. I feel we are currently in a transition period going from hardware and integrating that into software, but I have no idea where the future really lies. In todays society we have […]

Monosole Presents: Tape to DubPlate Vol.5 “Afro Break Beats”

  That man Timmy Rickard is at it again. Today I have the luxury of bringing to you the latest installment from Monosole Music. Afro break beats belongs to the ‘Tape to Dub Plate’ family, which I have previously had the opportunity to review, Mic Breaks Vol. 2. My man Bunker Beats and Richie Ballad also […]

The Maschine Warehouse – Koncreete Drum Plugin

Any drum heads out there?  Producers who are particular on their drums? Well I have some news for all of you. The Maschine Warehouse has just released a new VST called “Koncreete” and it looks tasty. I have never had the opportunity to review any content from Machine Warehouse, so I’m looking forward to jumping […]

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